Our highest performing bottle.

With its unique, three sided ergonomic design and ultra-flexible resin material, the Purist Hydroflo is effortless to squeeze, reducing the chance of a dropped bottle even over the roughtest of roads.

Also featuring Purist technology, the Purist Hydroflo keeps your bottle clean and your water pure.

Available in one color, clear, and one size, 23oz, this bottle is ready to display your custom design on one of its three sides.

Featuring Purist technology, the Purist Hydroflo keeps your water pure and clean tasting.

Constructed with a proprietary ultra clear, ultra flexible resin that is nearly effortless to squeeze.

The Purist Hydroflo's unique three sided design conforms to your hand reducing the chance of a dropped bottle, even over the roughest of roads.

MoFlo 2.0. Newly Redesigned

New grip pattern. Shorter poppet. New colors.

Watergate. Our most advanced cap.

A simple hands-free open and close heart valve: nothing to turn.

Delivers a high rate of flow with a leak proof design, even when the valve is open.

100% leak proof top locks down for transport or mixing powdered drinks.

Rubber over-mold cap for easy grip.

Fixy. A new take on cap design.

An idea so simple it's advanced. No push or pull required. Aim and squeeze.

The Fixy cap's fixed heart-valve delivers water through a co-molded soft silicone mouth piece. A first in bottle cap design.

Engineered for maximum grip.

MoFlo. Delivers the highest flow-rate.

Easy to open, effortless to use, and leak-proof when closed.

Wide channel delivering 50% greater water flow than competing bottles.

Leaking impossible while drinking due to the engineered water path.

Improved functional outside grip.