What is the minimum order (MOQ)?
The minimum order is 100 bottles. All orders must be in multiples of 50 (i.e. 150, 200, 250...).

What is the lead time for a new order?
Lead times can vary depending on bottle type, artwork, and seasonality. Please contact us for the current lead time specific to your order.

What if I want different color bottles or caps in the same order?
We can mix and match bottle/cap colors upon request for no extra charge.  The quantities for each change must be in multiples of 50.

What if I want an ink color change on the same order?
We can change the ink color on a print order for a $10 fee per change.  The quantity for each color request must be in multiples of 50.

Will I be charged sales tax if I am part of a non-profit organization?
Custom bottles sales to non-profit organizations may be tax exempt depending on state and status of the organization. Our team will confirm whether sales tax will be collected on your order prior purchase and collecting payment.

Do I need a resale certificate to purchase bottles?
No, you do not need a resale certificate to purchase bottles.  However, if you are in a taxable state or will be selling to a taxable state than you will be charged the appropriate taxes for your purchase.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do. Please email the appropriate rep depending on where you are located for questions, pricing, or to place your order:


Canada Olivier Gauthier (Olivier.Gauthier@specialized.com)

Mexico - Francisco Santos (Francisco.Santos@specialized.com)

Australia - Aus Rep

New Zealand - Catherine Scoular

For all other countries, please contact waterbottles@specialized.com



Where can I find a price list for US orders?
The USA price list can be downloaded here. 


Please note: This price list reflects pricing ONLY for orders shipping in the US. International pricing may include fees incurred from shipping, brokers, and/or customs.

Where can I find a price list for international orders?
International price lists vary by country and can be found by contacting the rep in your region as listed above. If your region is not listed above, please contact waterbottles@specialized.com to obtain pricing.

Does pricing change with quantity ordered?
Yes, pricing will change depending on production quantity ordered. The first significant price break is at the 200 unit quantity for US orders.

Why am I seeing a price range in the online customizer?
Exact unit prices vary depending on number of ink colors in your artwork and preferred cap type. The range shown accounts for these variables. After your order request is placed and artwork is recieved, we can give you a final quote.



Where should I send my artwork?
You can use our online customizer to upload your artwork and submit your order online, or you can send us your artwork and order request directly at waterbottles@specialized.com

What type of artwork works best for printing?
A vector formatted file, preferably saved as .ai or .eps work best to print a clear, clean image.  However, a high resolution JPEG or PDF will sometimes work as well.

What are the guidelines for designing artwork to print on bottles?
Feel free to view and download our Design Guide that details out the types of printing processes we use and what types of artwork work best for each. For help designing on the fabric Chromatek liner inside our Purist Insulated bottle, see our Chromatek Design Templates.




Are all your bottles & caps BPA free?

Yes, all of our bottles are BPA free and are made of food-safe FDA approved materials.

Are your bottles and caps dishwasher safe?
Yes, our bottles and caps can be washed on the top rack of a dishwasher. However, our Purist Insulated bottles should be washed by hand only.

Can I freeze my bottle?
Yes, our bottles can be frozen and/or have ice placed inside.

How do I care for my Purist bottle?
The interior of a Purist bottle should never be scrubbed with an abrasive material or brush.  The best cleaning method is to simply rinse out after each use and when needed, rinse with warm water and a mild soap.  Alternatively, the bottle can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher or you can use a soft cloth on the interior if necessary.

Are your bottles recyclable?
Yes, all our bottles can be recycled in your regular recycle bin.

Where are your bottles made?
Our bottles are made and printed in California.

Where can I purchase a replacement cap?
Replacement caps can be purchased individually here.



Ready to get started or still have a question?

Get in touch with an Account Manager: Email: waterbottles@specialized.com or call 1-800-245-3462